Vasco Wind Farm

Livermore, CA

Description: Repower the existing wind energy facility by decommissioning and removing 438 outdated wind turbines and associated infrastructure (including concrete foundations, transformers and electrical equipment) as well as 286 foundations from which turbines already have been removed and replaced them with up to 50 new, larger and more efficient turbines. Up to 34 new Siemens wind turbines would be installed, representing a net reduction of 404 turbines at the site. The fewer, larger and more efficient new turbines would increase energy production by approximately 147 percent above existing generation while decreasing the facility’s capacity from approximately 80 megawatts to 78.2 megawatts. Also included is the construction of a new underground electrical collection system, construct new turbine access roads and restoration of those areas of the existing wind energy facility that would no longer be utilized.