San Jose State University, South Campus Parking Structure & Sports Field Facility Project, San Jose, CA

California High-Speed Rail, Construction Package 4

Central Valley

The CP 4 construction area is a 22-mile stretch bounded by a point approximately 1 mile north of the Tulare/Kern County Line at the terminus of CP 2-3 and Poplar Avenue to the south. CP 4 includes construction of at-grade, retained fill, and aerial sections of the high-speed rail alignment, as well as the relocation of 4 miles of existing BNSF track. The project will also reconstruct selected roadways and create waterway and wildlife crossings. The project involves 14 structures including overpasses, underpasses, and viaducts, as well as a 2,000+-ft-long pergola over the existing BNSF tracks south of Wasco. The project includes 11 bridges: Garces Highway, Pond Road, Peterson Road, Poso Creek, McCombs Avenue, SR-46, Amtrak Pedestrian Underpass, Poso Avenue, Wasco Viaduct, Kimberlina Road, and Merced Avenue. CTS’ scope of services includes setup and operation of one of our mobile laboratories at the project site and providing inspection samplings and testing for structural concrete, structural steel, welding, post-tensioning, high-strength bolting, shotcrete, CIDH piles, subgrades, pavement, drainage, and riprap; document control; technical assistance; and mix design review. Soils inspection and testing consists of soil sampling and classification, compaction, and cement-treated gravel placement and testing. Additionally, CTS is performing Gamma-Gamma Logging (GGL) and Crosshole Sonic Logging (CSL) testing of CIDH piles for determining the homogeneity of concrete.