Cache Creek Casino Resort Expansion & Parking Lot F

Brooks, CA

This $200 million expansion project adds 377 rooms, a pool, restaurant, additional meeting space and a ballroom. The hotel expansion measures 346,801 sf and is located at the south end of the main Resort building. The hotel is 9 stories and 121 feet tall. The hotel’s pool area includes a 100,000-gallon pool and a pool side lounge/seating area. The ballroom includes the development of approximately 13,350 sf in size. The dining area gained an additional 9,475 sf and 178 restaurant seats, located in areas south of the existing gaming and dining areas. Parking Lot F includes 118 new parking stalls designed to promote efficient use of space, expand valet services, and continue to encourage employees and visitors to use public transit and carpooling. The project also included approximately 102,956 sf of back-of-house space constituting non-office areas such as staging areas, employee dining, general storage, security spaces, engineering workshops, training rooms, basement, and additional circulation areas.